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Why spelling?

In an age of spell checkers and text messaging, why is spelling practice so important?

Spelling, reading, and writing are supported by the same visual and spoken representations of a word. Knowing the spelling of a word supports fluent reading and ease of writing. Poor spellers experience a loss of word power in writing. They choose words that are easier to spell, and their thoughts get lost while trying to spell a word.

Who uses Spell Drill?

Children and adults alike benefit from the systematic spelling routine of Spell Drill. Parents, whether guiding after-school practices or homeschooling, love its easy-to-use format. Teachers and tutors responsible for literacy instruction appreciate its timesaving features. Individuals wanting to improve personal skills like the progressive nature of the lessons and the immediate feedback.

About our company

Our focus is improving literacy skills. Since 1987, thousands of teachers and parents across the country have participated in our literacy training events. N.I.N.E. Enterprises, Inc. is located in Portland, Oregon. Read more ...

Getting started

From the list above, select the type of account that best meets your needs and follow the on-screen prompts to create a new account. Once the account is created you will need to add students (except indvidual account). Then take Spell Drill for a seven-day test drive. If you are satisfied, purchase a subscription for each student who will use Spell Drill. Teachers and parents access their account, adjust lessons and view results at no charge.


Ten-dollar subscription fee per student. Each Spell Drill subscription allows one student to complete 120 lessons. Each lesson introduces 4 new words and reviews the 20 words from the previous five lessons. In 120 lessons your student will practice 480 high frequency words.

Meet Alice Nine

Alice Nine, former classroom teacher and administrator, author of Johnny Can Spell, Johnny Can Write, and Grammar Applications, created Spell Drill as an easy-to-use tool that engages students in a quick daily spelling practice. Read more ...

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